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Instruments & Assessments

The ECLS-B 9-month, 2-year, preschool, and kindergarten 2006 and 2007 questionnaires are available below in PDF format. Please note that some instrument items have been redacted using black shading to comply with copyright restrictions. In addition, tables outlining the content covered by the instruments are available as questionnaire item matrices.

Also available for download is a detailed description of the ECLS-B instruments and the Direct Child Assessment Components Matrix (135 KB). The assessment matrix provides an overview of the components of the assessment that relate to the different developmental areas that are assessed. Assessment batteries are not posted here due to copyright restrictions.

The ECLS-B direct child assessments were adapted from several copyrighted assessment batteries (for more information on the batteries adapted for the study, please see the FAQ section of this website). The ECLS-B assessments are not posted here due to copyright restrictions. However, detailed descriptions of the direct child assessments are available in the ECLS-B User's Manuals and Psychometric Reports.

For guidance in choosing assessment scores for analysis, see Choosing Scores (472 KB).

Please visit the Help Section for assistance with PDF files.