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Agency Finance Survey FY 2000 Data (F-33) - Profile Data
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Demographic 2000 Data (STP2) Agency Finance Survey FY 2000 Data (F-33) P.L.94-171 (Race & Ethnicity)
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RYE NECK UFSD, New York [3625290]
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 Subject - Local Education Agency Finance Survey FY 2000 Data (F-33)
  Total Local Revenue
    Property Tax 13,401,000 
    General Sales Tax
    Public Utility Tax
    Individual & Corp. Income Taxes
    All Other Taxes
    Revenue - Other School Systems 30,000 
    Cities and Counties 14,000 
    School Lunch Revenues 194,000 
    Tuition Fees - Pupils and Parents 145,000 
    Transportation Fees - Pupils and Parents
    Interest Earnings 247,000 
    Textbook Sales and Rentals
    Student Activity Receipts
    Other Sales and Service Rev.
    Student Fees, Non-Specified
    Miscellaneous Other Local Rev. 348,000 
    Special Processing
  Total State Revenue
    General Formula Assistance 1,239,000 
    Special Education Programs
    Transportation Programs
    Staff Improvement Programs
    Compensat. and Basic Skills Prog.
    Vocational Education Programs
    Cap. Outlay and Debt Serv. Prog.
    Bilingual Education Programs
    Gifted and Talented Programs
    School Lunch Programs 20,000 
    All Other Rev.- State Sources 1,485,000 
    State Pay. for LEA Employee Benefits
    Other State Payments
    Federal Aid Through State
       Federal Chapter 1 Revenue
       Children with Disabilities 104,000 
       Child Nutrition Act
       Eisenhower Math and Science 4,000 
       Drug-Free Schools 6,000 
       Chapter 2 Block Grants 1,000 
       Vocational Education
       All Other Fed. Aid Through State 5,000 
       Nonspecified 30,000 
       Impact Aid (PL 815 and 874)
       Bilingual Education
       Native American (Ind.) Educ.
       All Other Direct Federal Aid
Instruction Expenditures - Total 10,507,000 
Instruction Expenditures - Salary 7,860,000 
Instruction Expenditures - Employee Benefits 2,132,000 
Support Service Expenditure
    Total - Students-Support Service Expenditure 798,000 
    Total - Instruct. Staff-Support Service Expenditure 488,000 
    Total - Gen. Admin.-Support Service Expenditure 477,000 
    Total - Sch. Admin.-Support Service Expenditure 612,000 
    Total - Ops. & Mainten.-Support Service Expenditure 2,208,000 
    Total - Student Transp.-Support Service Expenditure 311,000 
    Total - Other Supp. Serv.-Support Service Expenditure 518,000 
    Non-Specified -Support Service Expenditure
    Total Salary -Support Service Expenditure 10,359,000 
    Salary - Students-Support Service Expenditure 558,000 
    Salary - Instruct. Staff-Support Service Expenditure 228,000 
    Salary - General Admin.-Support Service Expenditure 252,000 
    Salary - School Admin.-Support Service Expenditure 408,000 
    Salary - Ops. & Mainten.-Support Service Expenditure 717,000 
    Salary - Student Transp.-Support Service Expenditure
    Salary - Other Supp. Serv.-Support Service Expenditure 337,000 
    Total Employee Benefits -Support Service Expenditure 2,800,000 
    Employee Benefits - Students-Support Service Expenditure 147,000 
    Employee Benefits - Instruction-Support Service Expenditure 60,000 
    Employee Benefits - Gen. Adm.-Support Service Expenditure 75,000 
    Employee Benefits - Sch. Adm.-Support Service Expenditure 107,000 
    Employee Benefits - Ops. & Maint.-Support Service Expenditure 189,000 
    Employee Benefits - Sch. Trans.-Support Service Expenditure
    Employee Benefits - Other Supp. Serv.-Support Service Expenditure 89,000 
Non instructional Current Spending
    Food Services - Non Instructional 206,000 
    Enterprise Operations - Non Instructional
    Other - Non Instructional
    Salary - Food Services - Non-Instruct.
    Employee Benefits - Food Services - Non-Instruct
    Employee Benefits - Enterp. Oper.- Non-Instruct.
Interest on School System Indebtedness 450,000 
Current Spending - Private Schools
Current Spending - Public Charter Schools
Other Expenditures
    Non EL-SEC
       Community Services - Non EL-SEC
       Adult Education - Non EL-SEC
       Other Expenditures - Non EL-SEC
    Capital Outlay
       Construction - Capital Outlay 253,000 
       Instructional Equipment - Capital Outlay 54,000 
       Other Equipment - Capital Outlay 226,000 
       Land & Existing Structures - Capital Outlay
       Payments to Local Governments
       Payments to State Governments
       Payments to Other School Systems 4,000 
Non-specified - Equipment Expenditures
    Long Term Debt - Outstanding Beginning of FY 9,363,000 
    Long Term Debt - Issued During FY
    Long Term Debt - Retired During FY 418,000 
    Long Term Debt - Outstanding at End of FY 8,945,000 
    Short Term Debt - Outstanding Beginning of FY
    Short Term Debt - Outstanding at End of FY
    Debt Service Funds 4,000 
    Bond Funds 1,052,000 
    Other Funds 2,770,000 
    Common Core of Data, Local Education Agency Finance Survey FY 2000 Data (F-33)

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