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Table 5. Average hours per week that private school principals spent on all school-related activities and interacting with students, by affiliation: 2011–12

  Average hours per week1  
Affiliation All school-related activities   Interacting with students  
All private schools 53.2   21.2  
Catholic, Parochial 57.1   19.9  
Catholic, Diocesan 56.4   18.3  
Catholic, Private 56.5   22.5  
Baptist 51.4   23.4  
Lutheran 54.1   23.7  
Seventh-Day Adventist 55.3   32.0  
All Other Religious 51.1   22.1  
Non-sectarian, Regular 55.0   20.1  
Non-sectarian, Special Emphasis 51.2   20.3  
Non-sectarian, Special Education 49.6   18.0  
‡ Reporting standards not met. The response rate is below 50 percent.
1 Includes hours spent during the school day, before and after school, and on the weekends.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS), "Private School Principal Data Files," 2011–12.

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