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Table 26.  Average number of hours per week that regular full-time private school teachers spent on selected activities, during a typical full week, by affiliation stratum: 2003–04

  Average hours per week
Affiliation stratum Required to work
to receive base pay
during a typical full week
Spent delivering
instruction to
a class of students
Total hours spent on
all teaching and
other school-related
activities during
a typical full week
All private schools  38.4 28.9 52.5
Catholic- Parochial  37.4 29.7 52.6
Catholic- Diocesan  37.7 28.9 53.2
Catholic- Private  38.4 28.4 55.1
Amish  38.0 28.9 48.0
Assembly of God  38.5 29.3 51.4
Baptist  38.6 29.8 50.5
Episcopal  40.9 29.6 55.1
Jewish  36.4 28.5 48.0
Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod  39.8 31.1 56.4
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod  40.8 32.2 60.4
Mennonite  38.4 29.1 52.9
Pentecostal  36.8 29.8 46.4
Seventh-Day Adventist  38.5 29.9 54.7
Other Religious  38.5 29.1 51.6
Nonsectarian- Regular  39.7 27.4 53.7
Nonsectarian- Special Emphasis  38.2 28.9 50.4
Nonsectarian- Special Education  38.1 28.6 48.7
NOTE: A regular full-time teacher is any teacher whose primary position in a school is not an itinerant teacher, a long-term substitute, a short-term substitute, a student teacher, a teacher aide, an administrator, a library media specialist or librarian, another type of professional staff (e.g., counselor, curriculum coordinator, social worker) or support staff (e.g., secretary), or a part-time teacher.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Schools and Staffing Survey, Private School Teacher Data File, 2003–04.

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