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Table B.3.a.-1. Average freshman graduation rate for high school students, by school locale: School year 2008-09
School Locale Average freshman graduation rate
Reporting states 76.6
City 67.7
Large 64.1
Midsize 67.8
Small 74.6
Suburban 80.7
Large 80.7
Midsize 80.1
Small 82.6
Town 79.0
Fringe 81.4
Distant 78.0
Remote 77.7
Rural 79.9
Fringe 79.9
Distant 80.1
Remote 79.5
NOTE: The analysis is limited to the 47 states and the District of Coulmbia. Three states including California, Nevada, and Vermont are not included because completion data are not available. School districts with missing data on the number of diplomas or total enrollment base or locale code are excluded. Geographic districts in New York City are combined as one school district. High school students are students attending a school offering the final years of high school work necessary for graduation. For more details on urban-centric locale categories, see
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Common Core of Data, Local Education Agency Universe Survey Dropout and Completion Restricted-Use Data File, School Year 2008-09 (version 1a) (NCES 2011-314).
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