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What is the National Supplement?

The U.S. PIAAC National Supplement is an administration of PIAAC to a sample of 3,600 U.S. adults in households that will supplement the 2011-2012 U.S. PIAAC Main Study data collection using the same procedures, instruments, and assessments. The National Supplement will increase the sample size of key U.S. subgroups of interest by focusing on unemployed adults (ages 16–65), young adults (ages 16–34), older adults (ages 66–74), and incarcerated adults—a subgroup not covered by the main study.

The U.S. PIAAC Prison Study is part of the National Supplement and will draw from a sample of 1,200 inmates aged 16 to 74 currently detained in state, federal, or private prisons in the United States.  The direct assessments of literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving in technology-rich environments will be the same for the adults in prison.  The background questionnaire has been tailored specifically to address the experiences and needs of this subgroup.  For example, the background questionnaire will ask about activities in prison, such as participation in academic programs and ESL classes, experiences with prison jobs, and involvement in non-academic programs such as employment readiness classes.

The U.S. PIAAC National Supplement will enhance the information available about the relationships between educational attainment, employment, and cognitive skills in the areas of literacy, numeracy, and problem solving of subgroups of high interest to policymakers, businesses, and educators. 

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