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Adult Level Tables

This section presents information on adults' work credentials—that is, their certification and licensure status—as of 2012. Additional data on work credentials, as well as on other forms of adult education and training, will be available in 2018, following the 2016 administration of a new NCES survey of adults. Information on adult skill levels is available from a national assessment of adult literacy (NAAL) conducted in 2003 and from an international adult skills assessment (PIAAC) conducted in 2012 and 2014.

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  • Work Credentials (2012)
    • Figures
      • Figure Overall, 22 percent of adults age 18 or older have a work credential (license or certification)
      • Figure The proportion of adults with a work credential generally increases with educational attainment level
      • Figure The most common work credentialing fields are health care, education, and the trades, but credentialing fields vary by educational attainment
    • Tables
      • Table A31 Credentialing rates by educational attainment
      • Table A32 Distribution of credentialed adults, by educational attainment
      • Table A33 License versus certification rates
      • Table A34 Subject field of credential
      • Table A35 Subject field of credential, by educational attainment