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2005 Adult Level Table Archives

The tables below present data from 2003 and 2005. More recent data on adults' participation in education and training will be available in 3-5 years, after NCES completes developmental work on a new data collection. (See GEMEnA website for more information on this developmental work.)

The tables below present data on adults' participation in work-related coursetaking. Most of these tables report data from the 2005 administration of the Adult Education Survey of the National Household Education Surveys Program; some tables report data from a previous survey in 2003 that included additional questions on informal work-related learning activities and on learning outcomes. (Additional tables from 2003 that correspond to the 2005 tables listed below are available using the link on the left.) In both sets of tables, students seeking college certificates or degrees are excluded, to avoid overlap with the section of tables on postsecondary education. See the glossary for more detail on the adult populations included and definitions of variables used in the 2003 and 2005 tables.

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