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Secondary Crosswalk

The crosswalk below shows how the Secondary School Taxonomy (SST) used to classify career/technical education (CTE) at the high school level can be linked to the career clusters developed by the National Association of State Directors of Career and Technical Education Consortium (NASDCTEc) and to NCES' postsecondary taxonomy for classifying career education.

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Exhibit 3. Crosswalk between the Secondary School Taxonomy for career/technical education (CTE), the career clusters and the postsecondary taxonomy for career education
NASDCTEc Career Clusters   Secondary School Taxonomy CTE Categories   Postsecondary Taxonomy Career Education Categories
  Family and Consumer
  Sciences Education
General Labor Market
Occupational Education
Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources   Agriculture and Natural Resources   Agriculture and Natural Resources
Arts, AV Technology and Communications   Communications and Design   Communications and Design
Information Technology   Computer and Information Sciences   Computer and Information Sciences
Health Science   Health Sciences   Health Sciences
Marketing  Marketing   Marketing
Business Management and Administration Business Support   Business Support
Business Management Business Management
Finance   Business Finance
Science, Technology,
Engineering and Mathematics1
  Engineering Technologies Engineering, Architecture,
and Science Technologies
Architecture and Construction Architecture
Construction Manufacturing, Construction, Repair, and Transportation
Manufacturing   Manufacturing
Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Repair
Human Services   Consumer Services Consumer Services
Hospitality and Tourism2   Culinary Arts
Education and Training Education   Education
Library Science Public, Legal, and Social Services
Government and Public Administration   Public Administration
Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security Legal Services
Protective Services   Protective Services
1 In the Secondary School Taxonomy, engineering courses are included in the academic curriculum. In the postsecondary taxonomy, science technologies are included in the career curriculum in years prior to 2008, but are included in the academic curriculum in 2008 and more recent years.
2 This category can be only partially linked to the Secondary School Taxonomy because the latter includes hospitality management and support courses in business management and business support categories.
Source: Bradby and Hudson (2007).


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