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Table H83. Percentage of public high school graduates who were occupational concentrators, by size and locale of 12th-grade school, and number of occupational credits earned: 2005
Number of occupational credits All graduates   Size of 12th-grade school1   Locale of 12th-grade school
Small Medium Large Urban Suburban and town Rural
Number of graduates 2,417,400   254,700 1,381,400 533,200   607,600 1,142,700 667,100
Percent who were 2-credit occupational concentrators2
All graduates 38.8   49.5 39.4 33.8   33.9 35.6 48.9
Graduates who earned any                  
occupational credits 44.7   53.5 45.5 39.2   40.1 41.3 54.3
Graduates who earned 2.0 or more                  
occupational credits 68.6   71.3 69.7 63.8   67.6 65.7 73.4
Percent who were 3-credit occupational concentrators3
All graduates 21.3   28.1 22.2 16.9   18.8 18.6 28.1
Graduates who earned any                  
occupational credits 24.5   30.4 25.6 19.6   22.2 21.6 31.2
Graduates who earned 3.0 or more                  
occupational credits 54.1   54.7 55.5 49.9   55.2 51.9 56.0
1Small schools have up to 499 students, medium schools have 500–1,999 students, and large schools have 2,000 or more students.
22-credit occupational concentrators are defined as graduates who earned 2.0 or more credits in any one of the following 11 occupational areas: agriculture and natural resources; business; communications and design; computer and information sciences; construction and architecture; consumer and culinary services; engineering technologies; health sciences; manufacturing, repair, and transportation; marketing; and public services.
33-credit occupational concentrators are defined as graduates who earned 3.0 or more credits in any one of the 11 occupational areas listed in footnote 2.
NOTE: This table shows, for example, that among all public high school graduates from the class of 2005 who attended a small school, 49.5 percent were 2-credit occupational concentrators. Also, 53.5 percent of graduates who attended a small school and earned any occupational credits were 2-credit occupational concentrators.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, High School Transcript Study (HSTS), 2005.

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