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Table A33. Number and percentage of credentialed adults ages 18 and older whose most recent credential is a license or a certification, by adults' educational attainment level: 2012
Educational attainment level License*   Certification*
Number (in thousands) Percent   Number (in thousands) Percent
Total 32,638 71.4   13,051 28.6
Less than high school 809 64.1   453 35.9
High school completion (no college) 6,314 65.2   3,377 34.8
Some college 5,274 66.3   2,683 33.7
Associate's degree 3,683 69.2   1,640 30.8
Bachelor's degree 8,597 75.8   2,744 24.2
Master's degree 5,478 78.7   1,481 21.3
Professional degree 1,707 79.2   449 20.8
Doctorate degree 775 77.6   224 22.4
Professional or doctorate degree 2,482 78.7   673 21.3
* Determination made based on who awarded the credential. Credentials awarded by the government were categorized as licenses; all others were categorized as certifications.
NOTE: Credentialed adults are those who have a work license or certification. Missing data were not imputed. Licenses and certifications do not sum to credential totals in Table A31 due to missing data on who issued the credential. Details may not sum to totals because of rounding.
SOURCE: U.S. Census Bureau, Survey of Income and Program Participation, 2008 panel, wave 13 (Sept.–Dec. 2012).
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