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Table SA26. Standard errors of the percentage of participants in formal work-related courses who took a course involving distance education, by selected adult characteristics: 2004–05
Characteristic Percent
Total 1.38
Male 2.31
Female 1.59
White 1.62
Black or African American 4.85
All other races 6.16
Hispanic or Latino 5.91
Age as of 2004  
16–24 years 5.31
25–34 years 2.52
35–44 years 3.12
45–54 years 2.46
55–64 years 3.12
65 years or older 7.11
Highest level of educational attainment  
Less than a high school diploma or equivalent 10.59
High school diploma or equivalent 3.59
Some college/vocational/associate's degree 2.61
Bachelor’s degree 2.38
Graduate or professional degree 2.79
Employment status in past week  
Employed 1.41
Full-time 1.52
Part-time 3.18
Not employed 3.99
Unemployed and looking for work 5.20
Not in the labor force 5.23
Months employed in past 12 months  
1–11 months 2.35
12 months 1.66
Professional and managerial 1.68
Sales, service, and clerical 2.52
Trades and labor 5.38
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Adult Education Survey of the 2005 National Household Education Surveys Program.

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