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Table A16. Percentage of participants in formal work-related courses who reported out-of-pocket expenses for course tuition, fees, books, or materials, by type of instructional provider and topic of instruction: 2004-05
Type of instructional provider and topic of instruction Paid for any tuition, fees, books, or materials for at least one course Paid for tuition and fees for at least one course Paid for books and other materials for at least one course
Total 30.6 27.5 12.5
Type of instructional provider
Business or industry 37.2 34.5 11.7
Employer1 16.7 14.5 7.9
Government agency 26.9 23.7 9.4
Postsecondary institution 55.6 50.0 31.5
Professional association or organization 41.9 39.0 11.3
Other 50.3 47.3 20.6
Topic of instruction
Basic education2 42.3 39.7 19.8
Business 25.8 23.9 9.2
Computer science 22.6 19.1 11.5
Education 35.3 29.9 16.7
Health 34.2 31.7 13.2
Science 33.1 28.8 13.4
Social sciences and services 42.2 38.3 18.9
Vocational trades 33.5 30.4 16.1
Other 39.3 35.3 24.0
1 Employer overrode other types of instructional providers; see the glossary for more detail on instructional providers.
2 This category includes courses in basic education, personal awareness/improvement, and physical education/leisure.
NOTE: The estimates in this table were based on information that was collected on up to four work-related courses taken in the 12 months prior to the interview. If an adult took more than four courses, four were sampled for data collection.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Adult Education Survey of the 2005 National Household Education Surveys Program.

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