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Title:  Improving Adolescent Literacy Across the Curriculum in High Schools (Content Literacy Continuum, CLC)
Description: For report NCEE 2013-4001 Lessons in Evaluation of the Content Literacy Continuum: Report on Program Impacts, Program Fidelity, and Contrast

This data file contains data from a study that examines the impact of the Content Literacy Continuum (CLC) on high school students' reading comprehension and accumulation of course credits in core subject areas. CLC combines instructional routines and learning strategies developed by the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning. The study found no statistically significant impacts of CLC on either reading comprehension or credit accumulation in core subjects. The study used a randomized design and involved 33 high schools in nine school districts in four Midwestern states. This sample includes 7,365 grade 9 students from year 1; in year 2, the school records sample includes 7,951 grade 9 students and 8,514 grade 10 students.
Online Availability:
Cover Date: December 2012
Web Release: December 19, 2012
Publication #: NCEE 20124033
Center/Program: NCEE
Associated Centers: REL
Authors: William Corrin James J. Lindsay Marie-Andrée Somers Nathan E. Myers Coby V. Meyers Christopher A. Condon Janell K. Smith
Type of Product: Data File
Questions: For questions about the content of this Data File, please contact:
Erin Pollard.
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