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Title:  Credit Production and Progress Toward the Bachelor's Degree: An Analysis of Postsecondary Transcripts for Beginning Students at 4-Year Institutions
Description: This report uses postsecondary transcript data for members of the High School and Beyond (HS&B) Sophomore Cohort (who were high school sophomores when they were sampled in 1980). It examines progress toward the bachelor's degree among high school graduates who expected at least a bachelor's degree, first enrolled at a 4-year institution, and had completed at least 10 semester credits by September 1993. Questions addressed in this study include: 1) How many credits do bachelor's degree seekers earn in the 1st year of enrollment? 2) How long do students take to achieve selected threshold levels of credits? 3) How many credits do bachelor's degree attainers complete and how is the number of completed credits related to enrollment characteristics?
Online Availability:
Cover Date: February 1999
Web Release: February 23, 1999
Print Release: February 23, 1999
Publication #: NCES 1999179
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Center/Program: NCES
Authors: Alexander C. McCormick (MPR Associates)
Type of Product: Statistical Analysis Report
Survey/Program Areas: High School and Beyond (HS&B)
High School Transcript Studies (HST)
Postsecondary Education Descriptive Analysis Reports (PEDAR)
Questions: For questions about the content of this Statistical Analysis Report, please contact:
Aurora M. D'Amico.
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