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Table 145. Percent and standard error for public elementary school music specialists, visual arts specialists, and classroom teachers reporting the type of degree and teaching certificate held: School year 19992000
Degree or teaching certificate Music specialist Visual arts specialist Classroom teacher
Percent Standard
Percent Standard
Percent Standard
Degree held            
Bachelor's degree 1001 (0.3) 1001 (0.2) 1001 (0.2)
Master's degree 45 (2.9) 39 (2.9) 43 (2.1)
Doctorate 1! (0.5) (†) (†)
Other degree 2! (0.7) 5! (1.4) 3 (0.7)
Teaching certificate held            
Regular, standard, or professional 90 (1.6) 90 (2.1) 92 (1.3)
Probationary 5 (1.3) 2! (0.9) 2! (0.8)
Provisional, temporary, or emergency 5 (1.1) 8 (1.5) 5 (1.1)
† Not applicable.
! Interpret data with caution; the coefficient of variation is greater than or equal to 30 percent.
‡ Reporting standards not met.
1 Rounds to 100 percent.
NOTE: The data presented in this table may differ from previously published information because missing data from the 1999–2000 surveys were imputed for analysis in this report. Arts specialists are education professionals with a teaching certificate in an arts discipline—such as music, visual arts, dance, or drama/theatre—who provide separate instruction in that discipline.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Fast Response Survey System, “Survey of Elementary School Music Specialists,” FRSS 77M; “Survey of Elementary School Visual Arts Specialists,” FRSS 77VA, and “Arts Survey of Elementary School Classroom Teachers,” FRSS 77C, 1999–2000.

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