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Trends in the Use of School Choice: 1993 to 2007
NCES 2010-004
April 2010


The findings for this report are organized into six sections that correspond with the topics listed in the introduction. The first section presents the overall student enrollment patterns and trends data by school type over a 14-year period (from 1993 to 2007) and characteristics of students enrolled in each school type in 2007. The second section presents the distributions of students' demographic characteristics within school types in 2007. The third section presents descriptive statistics on students in charter schools in 2007. The fourth section presents descriptive statistics on homeschooled students in 2007. The fifth section presents data on parents' perceptions of school choice availability in 2007 by the type of school students were attending and their demographic characteristics. The final section presents data on parents' satisfaction with and involvement in their children's schools in 2007.

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