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Exhibit D-11.Sample Independent School District Statements of Fiduciary Net Assets: June 30, 20X2
  Private-purpose Trusts Agency Funds
Cash and cash equivalents $280,087 $ 101,959
Due to other governments 100,242
Accrued interest 23,853
Due from other funds 321,026 1,272,211
Total assets 624,966 $1,474,412
Accounts payable 1,450 $ 14,911
Due to student groups 1,239,739
Due to grantor agencies 219,762
Total liabilities 1,450 $1,474,412
Reserved for scholarships 585,221  
Unreserved 38,295  
Total net assets $623,516  
  * * *  
Sample Independent School District
Statement of Changes in Fiduciary Net Assets
For Year Ended June 30, 20X2
  Private-purpose Trusts  
Gifts and contributions $61,967  
Scholarships awarded (36,644)  
Change in net assets 98,611  
Net assets—July 1, 20X1 598,193  
Net assets—June 30, 20X2 $696,804  

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