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Survey Percent of items with a response rate of 85 percent or more Percent of items with a response rate of less than 85 percent
Public School Teacher Listing Form
BIE School Teacher Listing Form
Private School Teacher Listing Form
Public School District 97.9 2.1
Public School 95.2 4.8
BIE School 85.8 14.2
Private School 88.3 11.7
Public School Principal 99.4 0.6
BIE School Principal 98.2 1.8
Private School Principal 98.0 2.0
Public School Teacher 91.4 8.6
BIE School Teacher 86.8 13.2
Private School Teacher 90.0 10.0
Public School Library Media Center 95.1 4.9
BIE School Library Media Center 93.4 6.6
† Not applicable.
NOTE: Response rates were weighted using the inverse of the probability of selection (base weight). Detail may not sum to totals because of rounding. BIE refers to schools funded by the Bureau of Indian Education that are operated by the BIE, a tribe, or a private contractor and not by a regular school district.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Schools and Staffing Survey, "Public School, BIE School, and Private School Teacher Listing Forms, Public School District, Public School, BIE School, Private School, Public School Principal, BIE School Principal, Private School Principal, Public School Teacher, BIE School Teacher, Private School Teacher, Public School Library Media Center, and BIE School Library Media Center data files," 2007–08.

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