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Table 1.  Number of schools that reported having library media centers, by school type and selected school characteristics: 2007–08

School type and selected
school characteristic
Total number of schools1   Number of schools with a
 library media center2
All public schools  90,760   81,920  
School classification         
Traditional public  87,190   80,100  
Charter school  3,560   1,820  
Community type         
City  21,460   19,340  
Suburban  25,810   23,740  
Town  14,070   12,380  
Rural  29,430   26,450  
School level         
Elementary  62,440   59,730  
Secondary  21,640   17,760  
Combined  6,670   4,430  
Student enrollment         
Less than 100  7,600   3,040  
100-199  8,280   6,600  
200-499  36,780   34,460  
500-749  20,310   20,010  
750-999  8,550   8,600  
1,000 or more  9,230   9,200  
Percent of K-12 students who
  were approved for free or
  reduced-price lunches
0-34  33,830   32,390  
35-49  14,780   14,270  
50-74  19,810   18,280  
75 or more  18,010   15,460  
School did not participate
  in free or reduced-price
  lunch program
4,320   1,520  
All BIE schools  180   160  
1 The school data files were used to generate this estimate.
2 The library media center data files were used to generate this estimate.
NOTE: The 2007–08 Schools and Staffing Survey did not collect School Library Media Center data from private schools. BIE school refers to schools funded by the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) that are operated by the BIE, a tribe, or a private contractor and not by a regular school district. Detail may not sum to totals because of rounding.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS), "Public School, BIE School, Public School Library Media Center,and BIE School Library Media Center Data Files," 2007–08.

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