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Managing an Identity Crisis: Forum Guide to Implementing New Federal Race and Ethnicity Categories
NFES 2008-802
October 2008

List of Case Studies

Chapter 2. Setting the Stage: Developing Policies and Procedures

case studiesCase Study Everyone Learns From Early Adopters: Lessons Learned from the Proactive Massachusetts State Department of Education
case studiesCase Study Surveying Ethnicity and Race, on Paper and Face-to-Face: A Massachusetts District Data Collection Through Paper Surveys and Interviews

Chapter 4. Getting It Done: Re-Identifying an Individualís Race and Ethnicity

case studiesCase Study "Don’t Want to Ask, Can’t Tell": A Tale of Reservation and Resistance in Vermont

Chapter 5. Getting It Out:  Coding, Reporting, Storage, and Bridging

case studiesCase Study Revising Standards in the Green Mountain State
case studiesCase Study North Dakotaís Race/Ethnicity Conversion Matrix: A Homegrown Bridging Methodology
case studiesCase Study Multirace Multitasking in Kansas

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