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Status and Trends in the Education of American Indians and Alaska Natives: 2008

NCES 2008-084
September 2008

Table 5.5b.  Percentage of American Indian/Alaska Native school administrators reporting annual American Indian/Alaska Native community representative involvement in their school, by school density, grade, and frequency: 2007

Grade and frequency Total   School density
High Low
Grade 4        
3 or more times 18   31 9
1 or 2 times 32   41 25
Never 45   23 62
Grade 8        
3 or more times 15   26 7
1 or 2 times 28   40 19
Never 51   29 68
NOTE: School density is based on the percent of American Indian/Alaska Native students enrolled in the school. Low-density schools are schools in which American Indians/Alaska Natives account for less than 25 percent of the total enrollment. High-density schools are schools in which American Indians/Alaska Natives account for 25 percent or more of the total enrollment. Detail may not sum to totals because the response choice "I don't know" is not shown.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. The Educational Experiences of American Indian and Alaska Native Students in Grades 4 and 8 (NCES 2008-458). National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), National Indian Education Study (NIES), 2007.

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