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Status of Education in Rural America
NCES 2007-040
June 2007

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Table 2.7.

Percentage of persons ages 1829 enrolled in colleges or universities, by age group, locale, and sex: 2004

Locale and sex Ages 1824 Ages 2529
Enrolled in any program Enrolled in undergraduate programs Enrolled in graduate or professional programs
Total 34.2 10.1 5.2
City 36.6 10.6 6.8
Suburban 36.6 10.3 5.2
Town 31.8 11.2 3.2
Rural 27.1 7.8 2.6
Male 31.0 8.9 4.6
City 33.5 9.8 6.3
Suburban 33.9 9.2 4.4
Town 28.0 9.6 2.8
Rural 23.1 6.2 2.1
Female 37.6 11.2 5.7
City 39.8 11.5 7.3
Suburban 39.4 11.3 6.0
Town 35.6 12.7 3.6
Rural 31.5 9.5 3.2
NOTE: These data were collected by the American Community Survey (ACS), which asked survey respondents to identify persons who had been living in the household for the past 2 months. ACS did not begin to collect data for group quarters (e.g., students living in dorms on campus) until 2006. Thus, 2004 data for each of the rural, city, suburban, and town locales include independent students living in the locale and dependent students living at home in the locale, but not dependent students in campus dorms in the locale, nor dependent students from the locale who were in campus dorms.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Commerce, Census Bureau, American Community Survey, 2004, previously unpublished data.
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