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Calories In, Calories Out: Food and Exercise in Public Elementary Schools, 2005

NCES 2006-057
May 2006

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Table 20a. Standard errors for the percent of public elementary schools indicating that the school was involved in various activities or programs to encourage physical activity among students, by selected school characteristics: 2005
School characteristic Use nontraditional physical education activities to make physical education enjoyable Provide opportunities during the school day for organized physical activities excluding physical education Offer school-sponsored before- or after-school activities that emphasize physical activity Participate in the President's Challenge Physical Activity and Fitness Award program Other activity/program
   All public elementary schools
Enrollment size 
   Less than 300
   300 to 499
   500 or more
School locale 
   Urban fringe
Percent minority enrollment 
   Less than 6 percent
   6 to 20 percent
   21 to 49 percent
   50 percent or more
Percent of students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch 
   Less than 35 percent
   35 to 49 percent
   50 to 74 percent
   75 percent or more
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Fast Response Survey System (FRSS), "Foods and Physical Activity in Public Elementary Schools: 2005," FRSS 87, 2005.

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