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Calories In, Calories Out: Food and Exercise in Public Elementary Schools, 2005

NCES 2006-057
May 2006

Selected Findings

The findings in this report are organized as follows:

  • food services at the school (i.e., types of food services - cafeteria or lunchroom, vending machines, school stores or snack bars - and availability of foods outside of full school meals);
  • types of foods available in the school and in the cafeteria or lunchroom;
  • foods sold at vending machines and school stores or snack bars;
  • food service operations (i.e., the entity that operated food services at the school, and contracts with companies to sell foods at the school);
  • scheduled recess;
  • scheduled physical education;
  • activities to encourage physical activity (e.g., nontraditional physical education activities, such as dance or kick-boxing, to make physical education enjoyable); and
  • physical assessment of students (i.e., measurement of students' height and weight and calculation of body mass index).


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