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Initial Results From the 2005 NHES Early Childhood Program Participation Survey

NCES 2006-075
May 2006

Parental Involvement in Preschoolers' Educational Activities at Home

Parents were asked whether anyone in their family had engaged in particular home activities with the sampled child in the past week, including reading; telling a story; teaching letters, words, or numbers; teaching songs or music; and working on arts and crafts.

  • More Asian or Pacific Islander, non-Hispanic preschoolers (age 3 to 5 and not yet enrolled in kindergarten) were told a story by a family member (91 percent) than Black, non-Hispanic preschoolers (82 percent) or Hispanic preschoolers (84 percent) (table 16).
  • More preschoolers (age 3 to 5 and not yet enrolled in kindergarten) in families where both parents or the only parent spoke English were read to by family members in the previous week (99 percent) than children in families where no parent spoke English (89 percent) (table 16).

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