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Adult Education Participation in 2004-05

NCES 2006-077
May 2006

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Table 15. Percentage of adults enrolled in personal-interest courses who reported specific numbers of classroom instructional hours in the past 12 months, by selected adult characteristics: 2004-05
Characteristic Number of
Total instructional hours across courses
10 hours or fewer 11 - 25 hours 26 - 50 hours 51 hours or more
  Total 45,38724241934
16 to 24 years6,68822181545
25 to 34 years 8,55721281734
35 to 44 years 9,48225222132
45 to 54 years 8,25724262228
55 to 64 years 6,01425251832
65 years or older 6,38926232032
Male 18,70021231937
Female 26,68726241931
White, non-Hispanic 32,51325232033
Black, non-Hispanic 5,55026221933
Hispanic 4,00119291734
Asian or Pacific Islander,
Other race, non-Hispanic 1,65915261544
Highest education level completed
Less than a high school
High school diploma/
Some college/vocational/
  associateís degree
Bachelorís degree 10,96325271731
Graduate or professional
  education or degree
Household income
$20,000 or less 5,67329221830
$20,001 to $35,000 6,26324201837
$35,001 to $50,000 7,38123221639
$50,001 to $75,000 9,67322301731
$75,001 or more 16,39723232232
Employment status
Employed full-time 21,32024241933
Employed part-time 7,90319251937
Unemployed and looking
  for work
Not in the labor force 13,92424232033
Professional/managerial 14,18122291731
Sales/service/clerical 14,53825202035
Trade and labor 4,85121211938
NOTE: Personal-interest courses are defined as any courses taken in the 12 months prior to the interview that had an instructor present and were not necessarily related to a job or career. Information was collected on up to two personal-interest courses taken in the 12 months prior to the interview. If an adult took more than two courses, two were sampled for data collection. Time spent in personal-interest courses was weighted to account for the sub-sampling of courses. Details may not sum to totals because of rounding.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Adult Education Survey of the 2005 National Household Education Surveys Program.

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