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Adult Education Participation in 2004-05

NCES 2006-077
May 2006

Participation in Adult Educational Activities

Over the 12-month period ending in spring 2005, 44 percent of adults reported having participated in formal adult educational activities, excluding full-time only enrollments in college/university or vocational/technical credential programs (table 1). More adults reported having participated in work-related courses or training (27 percent) than any other type of activity (ESL classes — 1 percent, basic skills/GED preparation classes — 1 percent, part-time college or university degree or certificate programs — 4 percent1, part-time vocational or technical diploma, degree, or certificate programs — 1 percent, apprenticeship programs — 1 percent, and personal-interest courses — 21 percent.

1 The participation in "part-time" college/university degree or certificate programs and vocational/technical diploma, degree, or certificate programs throughout the report includes both part-time only enrollments in either of these programs or enrollments through a combination of part-time and full-time enrollments in either of these programs. Thus, "part-time" enrollment includes all those enrolled on a part-time basis at any time in the previous 12 months, even if they were also enrolled full-time at another point in that timeframe.

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