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Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP 2000)
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CIP 2000 - CIP Lookup to Occupational Crosswalks 

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(1990 Crosswalk)
Language Interpretation and Translation.   A program that prepares individuals to be professional interpreters and/or translators of documents and data files, either from English or (Canadian) French into another language or languages or vice versa. Includes intensive instruction in one or more foreign languages plus instruction in subjects such as single- and multiple-language interpretation, one- or two-way interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, general and literary translation, business translation, technical translation, and other specific applications of linguistic skills.

2000 Census Classification
286Miscellaneous Media & Communication Workers
220Postsecondary Teachers

Bureau of Labor Statistics - Occupational Employment Statistics Classification
25-1124Foreign Language & Literature Teachers, Postsecondary
27-3091Interpreters & Translators

OMB/SOC Classification
25-1124Foreign Language & Literature Teachers, Postsecondary
27-3091Interpreters & Translators

Employment & Training Administration - O*NET Classification
25-1124.00Foreign Language & Literature Teachers, Postsecondary
27-3091.00Interpreters & Translators

National Skill Standards Board - Industry Cluster
2Business & Administrative Services
4Education & Training

Department of Education - Career Cluster
4Business & Administration
5Education & Training

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