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Dropout Rates in the United States: 1995 / Appendix C: Table C1

Table C1: Event dropout and retention rates and number of dropouts ages 15-24 in grades 10-12: October 1990 through October 1995

                        vent dropout  School retention   Number          Number
                             rate           rate        of dropouts     of enrolled
Year ending                (percent)      (percent)    (in thousands)  (in thousands)
1990                          4.0           96.0           347            8,675
1991                          4.0           96.0           348            8,700
1992\1\                       4.4           95.6           383            8,705
1993\1\                       4.5           95.5           381            8,469
1994\1\,\2\                   5.3           94.7           497            9,377
1995\1\,\2\                   5.7           94.3           544            9,509
1/ Numbers for these years reflect new wording of the educational attainment item in the
2/ Numbers in this year may reflect changes in CPS due to newly instituted computer assisted
interviewing and/or due to the change in the population controls used this year to the 1990
Census-based estimates, with adjustment.
NOTE: Because of rounding, details may not add to totals.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Current Population Survey,
October (various years), unpublished data.


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