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Table 2.4. Mathematics statewide assessment name, grade administered, and assessment type, by state: 200910

State Assessment name Grade(s) administered Assessment type
Alabama Alabama High School Graduation Exam 11 Criterion-referenced
  Alabama Reading Test (augmented with
Stanford Achievement Test, 10th edition)
3-8 Criterion-referenced,
Alaska Standards Based Assessments 3-10 Criterion-referenced
Arizona Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards
3-8, 10 Criterion-referenced
Arkansas Algebra II End-of-Course Exams 11-12 Norm-referenced
  Arkansas Augmented Benchmark
Examinations Mathematics
3-8 Criterion-referenced,
California California High School Exit Exam 9-11 Criterion-referenced
  California Standards Tests 2-11 Criterion-referenced
  Standards-Based Tests in Spanish 2-11 Criterion-referenced
Colorado Colorado ACT 11 Norm-referenced
  Colorado Student Assessment Program 3-10 Criterion-referenced
Connecticut Connecticut Academic Performance Test
10 Criterion-referenced,
  Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) 3-8 Criterion-referenced,
Delaware Delaware Student Testing Program 2-11 Norm-referenced,
District of Columbia District of Columbia Comprehensive
Assessment System
3-8, 10 Criterion-referenced
Florida Algebra I End-of-Course Exam 9-12 Criterion-referenced
  Florida Comprehensive Mathematics
Assessment Test
3-11 Criterion-referenced
Georgia Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests
1-8 Criterion-referenced
  End-of-Course Test (EOCT) 6-8, 9-12 Criterion-referenced
  Georgia Kindergarten Inventory of
Developmental Skills
Kindergarten Criterion-referenced
Hawaii Hawaii State Mathematics Assessment:
Terra Nova
3-8, 10 Norm-referenced,
Idaho Idaho State Achievement Test (ISAT) 3-8, 10 Criterion-referenced (multiple choice)
Illinois Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) 3-8 Augmented norm-referenced
Iowa Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) 3-8 Norm-referenced
  Iowa Test of Education Development 9-11 Norm-referenced
Kansas Kansas State Assessment 3-8, 11 Criterion-referenced
Kentucky Kentucky Core Content Test 3-8, 10, 11 Criterion-referenced
Louisiana Graduation Exit Examination (GEE) 10, 11 Criterion-referenced
  Integrated Louisiana Educational
Assessment Program (iLEAP)
3, 5-7, 9 Augmented norm-referenced
  Louisiana Educational Assessment Program
4, 8 Criterion-referenced
Maine New England Common Assessment Program
3-8 Criterion-referenced
  Scholastic Assessment Test 11 Augmented norm-referenced
Maryland Maryland School Assessments (MSA) 3-12 Criterion-referenced
Massachusetts Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment
System (MCAS)
3-11 Criterion-referenced
Michigan Michigan Educational Assessment Program
3-8 Criterion-referenced
  Michigan Merit Examination 11 Augmented norm-referenced
Minnesota Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments-
Series II (MCA-II)
3-8, 10, 11 Criterion-referenced
Mississippi Mississippi Curriculum Test 3-8 Criterion-referenced
  Subject Area Testing Program (SATP), High
School End-of-Course Test: Algebra I
9-12 Criterion-referenced
Missouri End-of-Course Algebra I 9-12 Criterion-referenced
  Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) 3-8, 10, 11 Augmented Norm-referenced,
Montana Montana Comprehensive Assessment
System (MontCAS)
3-8, 10 Criterion-referenced
Nebraska School-Based Teacher-Led Assessment
and Reporting System (STARS)
3-8, 11 Criterion-referenced
Nevada Criterion-Referenced Tests 3-8 Criterion-referenced
  High School Proficiency Examination 10-12 Criterion-referenced
New Hampshire New England Common Assessment Program 3-8, 11 Criterion-referenced
New Jersey High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA) 11 Criterion-referenced
  New Jersey Skills & Knowledge
Assessment (NJ ASK)
3-8 Criterion-referenced
New Mexico New Mexico School Assessment Program 3-8, 11 Criterion-referenced
New York High School Regents Examination 9-12 Criterion-referenced
  Mathematics Assessment Test 3-8 Criterion-referenced
North Carolina End-of-Course Exams: Algebra I, Algebra II,
9-12 Criterion-referenced
  End-of-Grade Assessment 3-8 Criterion-referenced
North Dakota North Dakota State Assessment 3-8, 11 Criterion-referenced
Ohio Ohio Achievement Test 3-8 Criterion-referenced
  Ohio Graduation Test 10 Criterion-referenced
Oklahoma Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests 3-8, End-of-Course,
(high school)
Oregon Oregon Assessment of Knowledge
and Skills Online
3-12 Criterion-referenced
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania System of School Assessment
3-8, 11 Criterion-referenced
Rhode Island New England Common Assessment Program
3-8, 11 Criterion-referenced
South Carolina End-of-Course Examination Program
(EOCEP)(when course taken for credit)
8-12 Criterion-referenced
  Palmetto Assessment of State Standards
3-8, 10 Criterion-referenced
South Dakota Achievement Series Assessments 1-12 Criterion-referenced
  Dakota Assessment of Content Standards
2-12 Criterion-referenced
  South Dakota Test of Educational Progress
3-8, 11 Criterion-referenced
Tennessee Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment
Program Achievement Tests
3-8 Criterion-referenced
  Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment
Program End-of-Course
9-12 Criterion-referenced
Texas Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills
3-11 Criterion-referenced
Utah Utah Core Curriculum 3-11 Criterion-referenced
Vermont New England Common Assessment Program
3-8, 11 Criterion-referenced
Virginia End-of-Course Assessments 9-12 Criterion-referenced
  Standards of Learning Assessments (SOL) 3-8 Criterion-referenced
Washington High School Proficiency Examination 10-12 Criterion-referenced
  Measurement of Student Progress 3-8 Criterion-referenced
West Virginia West Virginia Educational Standards Tests
3-11 Criterion-referenced
Wisconsin Wisconsin Knowledge & Concepts
Examinations (WKCE)
3-8, 10 Criterion-referenced
Wyoming Proficiency Assessments for Wyoming
Students (PAWS)
3-8, 11 Criterion-referenced
NOTE: Criterion-referenced: An assessment that is aligned with a state's academic standards and thus intended primarily to measure students' performance with respect to those standards, rather than to the performance of their peers nationally. Norm-referenced: An assessment designed primarily to compare the performance of students with that of their peers nationally. Such tests do not generally measure how students perform in relation to a state's own academic standards. Augmented norm-referenced: An assessment that includes the addition of specific assessment items to an existing instrument to improve the alignment of the test with a state's standards.
SOURCE: Statewide Student Assessment: 200910, Council of Chief State School Officers, 2010. Data Source.

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