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Table 1.8. Alignment of state high school standards, graduation requirements, and assessment systems with Common Core State Standards/College- and Career-Ready Standards, by state: 2013
State State has a policy in place to
Align high school
standards with the
expectations of
college and career
Align high school
requirements with
college- and career-
ready expectations
Develop college-
and career-ready
United States2 51 20 19
Alabama Yes Yes Yes
Alaska Yes No No
Arizona Yes Yes No
Arkansas Yes Yes No
California Yes No Yes
Colorado Yes No Yes
Connecticut Yes No No
Delaware Yes Yes Yes
District of Columbia Yes Yes No
Florida Yes No Yes
Georgia Yes Yes Yes
Hawaii Yes Yes Yes
Idaho Yes No No
Illinois Yes No Yes
Indiana Yes Yes No
Iowa Yes No No
Kansas Yes No No
Kentucky Yes Yes Yes
Louisiana Yes No Yes
Maine Yes No Yes
Maryland Yes No No
Massachusetts Yes No No
Michigan Yes Yes Yes
Minnesota Yes Yes No
Mississippi Yes Yes No
Missouri Yes No No
Montana Yes No No
Nebraska Yes Yes No
Nevada Yes No No
New Hampshire Yes No No
New Jersey Yes No No
New Mexico Yes Yes No
New York Yes No Yes
North Carolina Yes Yes Yes
North Dakota Yes No No
Ohio Yes Yes No
Oklahoma Yes Yes No
Oregon Yes No Yes
Pennsylvania Yes No No
Rhode Island Yes No No
South Carolina Yes No No
South Dakota Yes Yes No
Tennessee Yes Yes Yes
Texas Yes No No
Utah Yes Yes Yes
Vermont Yes No No
Virginia Yes No No
Washington Yes No No
West Virginia Yes No No
Wisconsin Yes No Yes
Wyoming Yes No Yes
1 These assessments are either aligned to state standards, or are used for college admissions.
2 National total reflects the number of "Yes" responses for each column.
SOURCE: Achieve, Closing the Expectations Gap: 2013 Annual Report on the Alignment of State K-12 Policies and Practice with the Demands of College and Careers, retrieved January 2, 2014 from Data Source

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