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Accountability systems are designed to encourage school improvement by holding schools accountable for their students' performance. The tables in this section present data on various statewide accountability systems, such as school report cards, monitoring of adequate yearly progress, school rewards and sanctions, student data systems, and the accountability of funding systems.

Data Tables

Table 1.1 Report cards provided by the state, student-performance data included in report cards, graduation or dropout rates included in high school report cards, and the presence of student identification systems, by state: 200506
Table 1.2 Percentage and number of all public schools not making Adequate Yearly Progress, by state: 2011
Table 1.3 Rewards and sanctions for schools, by state: 2011–12
Table 1.4 Types of school sanctions, by state: 2011–12
Table 1.5 Statewide student data systems' use of teacher and student identifiers, communication with higher education data systems, and assessment records, by state: 2009-10
Table 1.6 State-reported elements of statewide student data systems, by state: 2009-10
Table 1.7 Financing sources for state funding systems, state provided formula funds, state reclaim of funds, and funding systems ruled unconstitutional, by state: 200405
Table 1.8 Alignment of state high school standards, graduation requirements, and assessment systems with Common Core State Standards/College- and Career-Ready Standards, by state: 2013
Table 1.9 State requires parental notification of out-of-field teachers and states with a ban or cap on the number of out-of-field teachers, by state: 2011–12
Table 1.10 States with charter school caps, automatic exemptions, required teacher certification, and identification of special education responsibilities for charter schools, by state: 201314  Updated!
Table 1.11 Accountability for effectiveness of teacher education programs, by state: 2011–12


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