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Projections of Education Statistics to 2016
NCES 2008-060
December 2007

Table A-11.  Actual and projected numbers for graduate enrollment in degree-granting postsecondary institutions as a percent of total postbaccalaureate enrollment, by sex, attendance status, and control of institution: Fall 2005, and 2006 through 2016
Enrollment category Men   Women
Actual 2005 Projected 2006
through 2016
  Actual 2005 Projected 2006
through 2016
Full-time, 4-year, public 79.1 79.1 80.9 80.9
Part-time, 4-year, public 98.7 98.7 99.2 99.2
Full-time, 4-year, private 70.6 70.6 78.7 78.7
Part-time, 4-year, private 92.6 92.6   96.1 96.1
NOTE: Projected values for 2006 through 2016 were held constant at the actual values for 2005. Postbaccualaureate enrollment includes both graduate and first-professional enrollment.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Enrollment in Degree-Granting Institutions Model, 1980–2005. (This table was prepared May 2007.)
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