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Projections of Education Statistics to 2014, published September 2005.

Section 5. Elementary and Secondary Teachers: Introduction

Between 2002 and 2014, the number of teachers in elementary and secondary schools is projected to rise. The numbers of both public and private school teachers are projected to grow.

Factors affecting the projections

The projected increase in the number of elementary and secondary teachers is related to levels of enrollments and to education revenue receipts from state sources per capita.

Three alternative sets of projections

Middle, low, and high sets of projections were produced for the number of teachers and the pupil/teacher ratio, by control of school (public or private).

Factors that were not considered

The projections do not take into account possible changes in the number of teachers due to the effects of government policies.
Assumptions underlying the projections

In order to provide a range of possible outcomes, the alternative projections make varying economic assumptions about the growth path for one of the key variables used to project the number of public school teachers—assistance by state governments to local governments.

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