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Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2012
NCES 2013-036

Table 19.2.

Number and percentage of public schools that took a serious disciplinary action, number of serious actions taken, and percentage distribution of serious actions, by type of action and type of offense: School year 2009–10

Type of offense Schools using any serious disciplinary action   Percentage distribution of serious disciplinary actions  
Number of schools   Percent of all schools   Number of serious disciplinary actions   Out-of-school suspensions lasting 5 days or more   Removal with no services for remainder of school year   Transfer to specialized schools  
Total 32,300   39.1   433,800   73.9   6.1   20.0  
Physical attacks or fights 24,000   29.0   265,100   81.2   5.0   13.9  
Distribution, possession, or
   use of alcohol
7,600   9.2   28,700   74.3   4.0   21.7  
Distribution, possession, or
   use of illegal drugs
16,100   19.5   105,400   59.6   8.0   32.4  
Use or possession of a
   firearm or explosive device
2,500   3.0   5,800   55.5   22.2   22.3 !
Use or possession of a
   weapon other than a
   firearm or explosive device
11,200   13.5   28,800   62.2   8.8   29.0  
! Interpret data with caution. The coefficient of variation (CV) for this estimate is between 30 and 50 percent.
NOTE: Responses were provided by the principal or the person most knowledgeable about crime and safety issues at the school. Serious
disciplinary actions include removals with no continuing services for at least the remainder of the school year, transfers to specialized schools for disciplinary reasons, and out-of-school suspensions lasting 5 or more days, but less than the remainder of the school year. Respondents were instructed to respond only for those times that were during normal school hours or when school activities or events were in session, unless the survey specified otherwise. Detail may not sum to total because schools could report more than one type of offense, but were only counted once in the total. Estimates of number of actions and schools are rounded to the nearest 100.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, 2009–10 School Survey on Crime and Safety (SSOCS), 2010.
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