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Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2005

Indicator 4:
Threats and Injuries With Weapons on School Property

Table 4.2. Percentage of students in grades 9–12 who reported being threatened or injured with a weapon on school property during the previous 12 months, by state: 2003
State Threatened or injured with a weapon on school property   State Threatened or injured with a weapon on school property
   United States 9.2   Missouri 7.5
     Montana 7.1
Alabama 7.2   Nebraska 8.8
Alaska 8.1   Nevada 6.0
Arizona 9.2   New Hampshire 7.5
Arkansas   New Jersey
California   New Mexico
Colorado   New York 7.2
Connecticut   North Carolina 7.2
Delaware 7.7   North Dakota 5.9
District of Columbia 12.7   Ohio 7.7
Florida 8.4   Oklahoma 7.4
Georgia 8.2   Oregon
Hawaii   Pennsylvania
Idaho 9.4   Rhode Island 8.2
Illinois   South Carolina
Indiana 6.7   South Dakota 6.5
Iowa   Tennessee 8.4
Kansas   Texas
Kentucky 5.3   Utah 7.3
Louisiana   Vermont 7.3
Maine 8.5   Virginia
Maryland   Washington
Massachusetts 6.3   West Virginia 8.5
Michigan 9.7   Wisconsin 5.5
Minnesota   Wyoming 9.7
Mississippi 6.6
— Not available.
NOTE: "On school property" was not defined for survey respondents.
SOURCE: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS), "Youth Risk Behavior Survey" (YRBS), 2003. Retrieved March 2005, from Youth Online: Comprehensive Results

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