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Supplemental Notes

Note 1: Commonly Used Variables (2011)

Table B-3. U.S. Census Bureau, Regional Classification
Northeast South Midwest West

Connecticut (CT) Alabama (AL) Illinois (IL) Alaska (AK)
Maine (ME) Arkansas (AR) Indiana (IN) Arizona (AZ)
Massachusetts (MA) Delaware (DE) Iowa (IA) California (CA)
New Hampshire (NH) District of Columbia (DC) Kansas (KS) Colorado (CO)
New Jersey (NJ) Florida (FL) Michigan (MI) Hawaii (HI)
New York (NY) Georgia (GA) Minnesota (MN) Idaho (ID)
Pennsylvania (PA) Kentucky (KY) Missouri (MO) Montana (MT)
Rhode Island (RI) Louisiana (LA) Nebraska (NE) Nevada (NV)
Vermont (VT) Maryland (MD) North Dakota (ND) New Mexico (NM)
  Mississippi (MS) Ohio (OH) Oregon (OR)
  North Carolina (NC) South Dakota (SD) Utah (UT)
  Oklahoma (OK) Wisconsin (WI) Washington (WA)
  South Carolina (SC)   Wyoming (WY)
  Tennessee (TN)    
  Texas (TX)    
  Virginia (VA)    
  West Virginia (WV)    

U.S. Census Bureau, Regional Classification

SOURCE: U.S. Census Bureau. Census Regions and Divisions of the United States, retrieved April 10, 2009 from
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