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Special Analysis 2006

U.S. Student and Adult Performance on International Assessments of Educational Achievement

Table SA3. Standard errors for table 2: Average PIRLS reading literacy scores of 4th-graders, by country: 2001
Country Average score

    International average 0.6
Argentina 5.9
Belize 4.7
Bulgaria 3.8
Canada (O, Q) 2.4
Colombia 4.4
Cyprus 3.0
Czech Republic 2.3
England 3.4
France 2.4
Germany 1.9
Greece 3.5
Hong Kong SAR 3.1
Hungary 2.2
Iceland 1.2
Iran, Islamic Republic of 4.2
Israel 2.8
Italy 2.4
Kuwait 4.3
Latvia 2.3
Lithuania 2.6
Macedonia, Republic of 4.6
Moldova 4.0
Morocco 9.6
Netherlands 2.5
New Zealand 3.6
Norway 2.9
Romania 4.6
Russian Federation 4.4
Scotland 3.6
Singapore 5.2
Slovak Republic 2.8
Slovenia 2.0
Sweden 2.2
Turkey 3.5
United States 3.8

SOURCE: Ogle, L.T., Sen, A., Pahlke, E., Jocelyn, L., Kastberg, D., Roey, S., and Williams, T. (2003). International Comparisons in Fourth-Grade Reading Literacy: Findings from the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) of 2001 (NCES 2003-073), table A1.1. Data from International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement, Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS), 2001.

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