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Emmanuel Sikali

Senior Research Scientist/Mathematical Statistician
Assessments Division: Reporting and Dissemination Branch, NCES

Specialties and Functions:
AD Project director of databases training, NAEP Research, Measurement, Longterm Trends Assessment, Main NAEP, Technology Based Assessment, NAEP Reporting, Adult Literacy

National Center for Education Statistics
1990 K Street, NW
Room 8010
Washington, DC 20006

(202) 502-7419


Survey Areas

National Assessment of Educational Progress  (NAEP) : Training Programs, Research, and Methodology
Staff for NAEP   Publications for NAEP   NAEP Home Page

National Assessments of Adult Literacy  (NAAL) : Analysis
Staff for NAAL   Publications for NAAL   NAAL Home Page

Topic Areas

Adult education
Adult literacy : Analysis and Reporting
Arts education : Reporting and Analysis
Assessments : Issues with Large Assessment, Direct Estimation
Information technology : Computer Based Asessment
Mathematics/science education : Analysis and Reporting
School districts : Assessment Data Analysis and Reporting

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