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The NAEP Technology and Engineering Literacy (TEL) Assessment Pilot

From January to March of 2013, a nationally representative sample of grade 8 students will participate in a TEL pilot. The results from this pilot will be used to prepare for the first-ever national TEL assessment of eighth-graders in 2014.

The TEL pilot will be administered by NAEP representatives who will work with school staff to organize the assessment activities. Before the assessment begins, students will view a tutorial that will help them become familiar with the interface and how to use the program.

NAEP representatives will bring all the necessary materials to the school on assessment day, including laptop computers and earbuds. About 30 students in each school will be selected to participate in the pilot, and the assessment will be administered in two sequential sessions of approximately 15 students each.

Explore information about the TEL pilot PDF File (264 KB).

Last updated 28 November 2012 (FW)
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