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Primary Sampling Unit Generation: Certainty PSUs

Any Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (CMSA), Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), or New England County Metropolitan Area (NECMA) proto-PSU was defined as a certainty PSU if it had 800,000 or more youths. The estimated number of youths is the number of persons age 17 or less from the 2000 Census Summary File 1 (SF-1) files. These PSUs were so large that a sample of schools was taken from all of these PSUs (rather than a sample of these PSUs). There were two exceptions to the 800,000 cutoff. The Honolulu, Hawaii MSA was added because of its unique racial composition. The Washington, DC portion of the Washington-Baltimore CMSA was included as a certainty as it will be re-attached to the Maryland portion of this CMSA in field work. The table below provides a listing of the 17 certainty PSUs.

State, CMSA or MSA definition, number of counties and number of youths, for certainty PSUs, long-term trend assessment: By primary sampling unit, 2004
PSU Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (CMSA) or Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) State Number of counties Number of
Total 137 25,180,000
1--1 New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island NY 12 3,145,000
1--2 New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island NJ 14 1,637,000
1--3 Boston-Worcester-Lawrence MA 7 1,254,000
1--4 Washington-Baltimore MD 12 1,214,000
1--5 Philadelphia-Wilmington-Atlantic City PA 5 969,000
1--6 Washington-Baltimore DC 1 115,000
Total NAEP Region Northeast 51 8,333,000
2--1 Atlanta GA 20 1,096,000
2--2 Miami-Fort Lauderdale FL 2 942,000
Total NAEP Region Southeast 22 2,038,000
3--1 Chicago-Gary-Kenosha IL 10 2,255,000
3--2 Detroit-Ann Arbor-Flint MI 10 1,438,000
Total NAEP Region Central 20 3,694,000
4--1 Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange County CA 5 4,671,000
4--2 San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose CA 10 1,663,000
4--3 Dallas-Fort Worth TX 12 1,463,000
4--4 Houston-Galveston-Brazoria TX 8 1,356,000
4--5 Seattle-Tacoma-Bremerton WA 6 880,000
4--6 Phoenix-Mesa AZ 2 873,000
4--7 Honolulu HI 1 209,000
Total NAEP Region West 44 11,115,000
† Not applicable.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2004.

Last updated 10 June 2008 (GF)

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