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Teacher Questionnaire Match


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It is important in every assessment cycle to achieve the best possible student-teacher data match rate. Student identification numbers that are not matched to a teacher questionnaire are cross-referenced with the corresponding administration schedule and roster of questionnaires to verify (and change, if necessary) the teacher number, class period, and/or questionnaire number recorded on these control documents. The NAEP school numbers listed on the roster of questionnaires and teacher questionnaire are verified and corrected, if necessary. Once these changes are made, any duplicate teacher numbers existing within a school are, if possible, cross-referenced for resolution with the rosters of questionnaires. Since this information is located together on a single, central control document, the ability to match and resolve discrepant or missing fields is simplified. There were no teacher match data for 2004 and 2008 because no teacher questionnaires were administered with the long-term trend assessments. Teacher questionnaires distributed at grade 4 in 2008 were for pilot purposes only.

Last updated 30 August 2010 (JL)