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Machine-Readable Catalog Files

For those NAEP data users who have neither SAS, SPSS, nor STATA capabilities, yet require processing control information in a computer-readable format, the distribution files also contain machine-readable catalog files. Each machine-readable catalog record contains processing control information, item response (IRT) parameters, and response codes and labels. The machine-readable catalog files are described in and are available as part of the secondary-use data files package for use in analyzing the data with programming languages such as SAS, SPSS, and STATA. The following table illustrates the format of the machine-readable catalog file layout.

Master catalog file layout, reading assessment: 2000
Start and end columns Field width Field type1 Field description Comments
1-4 4 N Field sequence number
5-12 8 A Field name NAEP identification
13-16 4 N Start column
17-20 4 N End column
21-22 2 N Field width
23-23 1 N Decimal places
24-24 1 N Field type
25-27 3 N Minimum valid response
28-30 3 N Maximum valid response
31-32 2 N Minimum correct response
33-34 2 N Maximum valid response
35-36 2 N Illegible code
37-38 2 N Off-task code
39-40 2 N Nonrateable response code
41-42 2 N I don't know (IDK) code
43-44 2 N Omit code
45-46 2 N Not reached code
47-48 2 N Multiple response code
49-98 2 A Name/description
99-106 2 A Alternate NAEP identification
107-107 1 N Reading classification: purpose
108-108 1 N Reading classification: stance
109-109 1 N Scaling category
110-191 82 N IRT parameters
192-193 2 N Number of data codes and labels
194-195 2 A Code value 1st data code
196-215 20 A Code value
216-217 2 N Code value 2nd data code
218-237 20 A Code label
1448-1449 2 N Code value 58th data code
1450-1469 2 A Code label
1A=alpha, N=numeric
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2000 Reading Assessment.

Last updated 05 December 2008 (RF)

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