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Summary of Quality Control Error Analysis for NAEP 2000 Data Entry

The following illustrative summary table for 2000 gives the upper 99.8 percent confidence limit for the error rate for each of the instruments as well as the sampling information. The 99.8 percent confidence limit and the selection rates indicated were chosen to make these results comparable to those of administrations since 1983, all of which used the same parameters. Since this information is not routinely calculated, this table is not available for 2001.

Summary of quality control error analysis for data entry: 2000
Instrument Number of samples Selection rate Different booklets Number of booklets sampled Number of fields sampled Number of errors Observed error rate Upper 99.8% confidence limit
Student booklets 512,678 1/590 291 869 67,319 63 0.0009 0.0014
SD/LEP student questionnaires 72,389 1/499 1 145 4,350 10 0.0023 0.0055
Teacher questionnaires 52,094 1/250 9 208 17,714 85 0.0008 0.0011
School characteristics and policies questionnaires 10,612 1/408 3 26 1,583 7 0.0044 0.0122
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2000.

Last updated 15 September 2008 (RF)

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