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Obtaining Lists of Eligible Students


2008 Student List Submission Statistics

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2005 Student List Submission Statistics

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2002 Student List Submission Statistics

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Beginning in 2002, following a pilot test, all states and schools have been able to submit their computer files listing all eligible students directly to NAEP via e-filing. The decision whether to e-file student lists is determined by NAEP State Coordinators for public schools and by school administrators for nonpublic schools. Schools not e-filing student lists are provided hard-copy student listing forms on which they can manually record student information.

Prior to 2001, schools were provided hard-copy student listing forms on which to list all grade-eligible students. During preassessment visits, field staff obtained these lists from the schools and used them to select in-field student samples.

Regardless of the method by which grade-eligible student lists are obtained, NAEP requests student information needed to accurately select student samples and to provide information about the distribution of achievement for groups of students. This information includes each student's sex, race/ethnicity, status as a student with a disability, status as an English language learner, and participation in the National School Lunch Program. (NAEP collected information about each student's participation in targeted or schoolwide Title I programs through the 2005 assessment year.)  NAEP ensures the confidentiality of student data throughout the sampling and assessment processes, and results are never reported for individual students or schools.

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