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NAEP Data Collection → Preparations for the Assessments → Planning for Accommodations for Students With a Disability and English Language Learners

Planning for Accommodations for Students With a Disability and English Language Learners

NAEP seeks to assess all sampled students, including students with a disability (SD) and English language learners (ELL).

NAEP's definition of a student with a disability includes:

NAEP's definition of an English language learner is a student who is not a native speaker of English and who is classified as ELL by the school.

The teacher of every sampled SD and ELL student completes a questionnaire that is used by the school coordinator to decide whether and how the student can best be included in NAEP. Students may be accommodated in a general session or in a separate accommodation session depending on the accommodation.

During the preassessment visit, school coordinators provide completed SD and ELL questionnaires and decisions about inclusion and accommodations to field staff. School coordinators review student inclusion and accommodations decisions with field staff, but field staff are not permitted to make any decisions.

See Permitted NAEP Accommodations Tables.

See Rates of Use of Specific Accommodations.

Last updated 02 October 2008 (KL)

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