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NAEP Analysis and Scaling → Initial Activities → Summaries of Item-Level Response Rates for NAEP Assessments → Summary Response Rates for the NAEP 2008 Reading Long-Term Trend Combined National and State Main Assessments

Summary Response Rates for the NAEP 2008 Reading Long-Term Trend Assessment

Summary item response rates, by item type and age, reading LTT assessment: 2008
Age Statistic Multiple-choice items Dichotomous constructed-response items Polytomous constructed-response items
† Not applicable.
1 Missing responses includes the categories "omitted" and "not-reached."
2 An "off-task" response (constructed-response items only) is a response that is unrelated to the question and is considered inappropriate.
SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2008  Reading Long-term Trend Assessment.
9 Number of items 84.00 4.00
Average percent missing1 2.87 6.15
Minimum 0.37 3.70
Maximum 14.41 9.71
Average percent off-task2 1.17
Minimum 0.72
Maximum 1.60
Average weighted proportion correct 65.40 36.21
13 Number of items 100.00 7.00
Average percent missing1 2.42 3.53
Minimum 0.09 1.90
Maximum 11.62 5.52
Average percent off-task2 0.29
Minimum 0.09
Maximum 0.50
Average weighted proportion correct 75.48 53.55
17 Number of items 96.00 8.00
Average percent missing1 2.19 6.08
Minimum 0.32 3.34
Maximum 14.62 13.32
Average percent off-task2 0.60
Minimum 0.14
Maximum 1.09
Average weighted proportion correct 78.26 56.10

Last updated 27 October 2011 (GF)
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