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NAEP - Average Reading Scale Scores in Relation to the NAEP Achievement Levels, by Degree of Reading Accuracy

Average reading scale scores in relation to the NAEP achievement levels, by degree of reading accuracy, grade 4: 2002

Average reading scale scores in relation to the achievement levels, by degree of accuracy, Grade 4: 2002D-link

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2002 Oral Reading Study.

Major Findings

  • The average score for participating students with at least 98 percent accuracy (237) fell close to the Proficient achievement-level cut score (238).
  • The average score for students reading between 95 and 97 percent accuracy (226) was within the Basic achievement-level range.
  • Those students who read with between 90 and 94 percent accuracy had an average score (206) that was not significantly different from the Basic achievement-level cut score.
  • Those who read with less than 90 percent accuracy had an average score (180) that fell 28 points below the Basic achievement level cut score (208).
  • The greater the number of oral reading errors made by students in the study, the lower their average scores on the comprehension assessment.

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Last updated 01 November 2005 (FW)

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