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NAEP 1999 Long-Term Trend Technical Analysis Report:
Three Decades of Student Performance

April 2005

Authors: Nancy L. Allen, Catherine A. McClellan, and Joan J. Stoeckel

Download sections of the report (or the complete report) in a PDF file for viewing and printing.


This report provides an update to the technical analysis procedures documenting the 1996 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) as presented in The NAEP 1996 Technical Report (Allen, Carlson, and Zelenak, 1996). It describes how the 1999 long-term trend data were incorporated into the trend analyses. Since no national main or state assessments were administered in 1999, this report does not contain the comprehensive details related to the general design and analysis issues that arise in NAEP assessments and that are included in the 1996 report.

Parts one and two provide an overview of the NAEP 1999 long-term trend assessment design and analysis, and parts three, four, and five include subject-area specific information. Appendixes
A, B, and C include statistical sample summaries, IRT parameters, and conditioning variables.
Appendix D includes Westat’s NAEP 1999 Long-Term Trend Data Collection, Sampling and Weighting Report (Caldwell, Fowler, Waksberg, and Wallace 2002). Appendix E includes sections of the National Computer Systems’ report on processing and professional scoring, NAEP Report of Processing and Professional Scoring Activities: Long-Term Trend 1998–99 Mathematics/Science and Reading/Writing (National Computer Systems 2000).

Download sections of the report (or the complete report ) in a PDF file for viewing and printing:

NCES 2005-484 Ordering information

Suggested Citation
Allen, N.L., McClellan, C.A., and Stoeckel, J.J. (2005). NAEP 1999 Long-Term Trend Technical Analysis Report: Three Decades of Student Performance (NCES 2005-484). U.S. Department of Education. Institute of Education Sciences. National Center for Education Statistics. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office.

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